We’re so Thankful

As we start November, and look forward to Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for.

Thank you to the Rail Rodders Car Club for their generous $2,000 donation to Whalens Heroes. They held a car show on September 9th, and part of the proceeds were donated to us. We are incredibly blessed with the number of people and organizations who reach out to support us in our efforts to provide serviced dogs for Veterans or First Responders in need.

Thank you to Blazer 88 for their Generous $5,000 donation this year for our next dog. They were instrumental in helping us achieve the goal of giving our first dog last year, by providing the amount needed and then some in order to achieve that goal. They also held a Gala this year and invited us to be part of it and speak about what we do. It was a great night and Kento, the first service dog we were able to present made a guest appearance. He was certainly looking dapper in his tie!

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