Mikayla Holcomb

Everyday, there are brave men and women in the line of duty who are willing to protect and serve their country and their community. I personally have family and friends who have served or are currently serving. Along with the physical battles that these individuals face, they may also be fighting silent mental battles.

It is impossible to put into words how grateful I am for those who selflessly protect their families, friends, and communities. They protect, serve, and are responsible for our freedoms. Whalens Heroes is an opportunity to give back, and to show gratitude toward our military and first responders who have shown us nothing but bravery and selflessness to protect those around them- even if they know that it may take a toll on their own mental health. Providing these heroes and their families with service dogs is a way to not only to show our appreciation, but to also bring comfort and peace to those fighting these mental battles, and to honor all of their dedication. Thank you to all veterans and first responders- you are our heroes!🇺🇸

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