Greg Stevens, Vice President

I served 4 years in the Marine Corps Infantry and have 3 combat tours in Iraq. I love giving back to the
Veteran Community whenever possible and am excited at the chance to serve on a board that directly
impacts veteran’s lives. We ask our Military Service Members to place their life in harm’s way to go into
combat and take another human beings’ life. We ask them to do unspeakable things that are
uncomfortable to talk about and the military trains them accordingly. Unfortunately, you can’t just
“shut off” that training so to speak, and many veterans have trouble adjusting back into civilian life. If I
can help just one veteran with a service dog to help enrich his/her life and get a better sense of
belonging, then I believe the mission will be accomplished. The goal is to enrich as many veterans lives
as possible. I personally dealt with my share of trauma from the military and have a unique
understanding of the stress that comes along with service.

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