About Whalens Heroes

After attending a Continuing Education Event in May that was geared towards helping Realtors as they work with our Military clients, Dawn Whalen was inspired. She learned so much more than how to educate regarding a VA loan. She learned and heard things that were heartbreaking to her, and many others in attendance. She was blown away and wanted to do everything to help to the best of her ability. Then she realized, she is one person, so she needed to pick one thing to focus on and not spread herself thin. Her one thing was to start a not for profit to raise funds for a service dog for Veterans. Yes, there are other organizations who do this, but she was not familiar with one that was local to her area. At the end of the day, it’s ok to have multiple organizations contributing and working for the same cause. We all know different people and while one person may know several people who do the same type of thing, it’s the relationship you have with the individual or organization that will draw that person in.
What she knew is that the service dog not only helps the Veteran, but in turn helps the entire family of that Veteran, so in many cases we aren’t just changing/helping one life, it’s many that will reap the benefits.
She is so incredibly lucky to have the support system she has. Family and Friends who have stepped up to help whether it be sitting on the Board of Directors as a volunteer (giving of their time and talents), offering to volunteer at events, offering to sponsor an event, or making calls to help get what is needed to put on events and to be able to give back. It takes a village, and the village behind Whalens Heroes Inc is phenomenal. The best part about this village is they volunteered themselves, their time, their money after Dawn mentioned what she was doing in a casual conversation. They weren’t asked to help, they stepped up and wanted to help. Together, they formed Whalens Heroes.
Why Whalens Heroes? Dawn already owned the URL and with this being a not for profit organization, the frugal side of her said to use what we have and not pay for something else. 

Our Mission

Whalens Heroes’s goal is to improve the mental health and well-being of individuals serving our community. Whalens Heroes will assist with the fundraising, for the training, successful placement and support of service animals to show gratitude and support to those individuals who endure countless sacrifices to protect our community.

Why Our Board Members Support Whalens Heroes

Dawn Whalen, President

I’ve always been passionate about our Military and Law Enforcement/Firefighters. After attending an event and ...
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Greg Stevens, Vice President

I served 4 years in the Marine Corps Infantry and have 3 combat tours in ...
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Abby Maddox

I have always had a love hate relationship for the military. I LOVE and APPRECIATE ...
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Heather Neuner

With so many of my family, friends and those I have not had the pleasure ...
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Mikayla Holcomb

Everyday, there are brave men and women in the line of duty who are willing ...
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Stormy Rush

As a daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I understand the sacrifices our military endures for ...
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